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“confidence is priceless! To look in the mirror and feel happy about your existence, to feel good about who you are inside and out”


Who is Dani #flyingfeathers Waldman?

I always walked a different path. I refused to conform. But I was socially awkward and felt judged my entire life. I looked different, I acted differently and I pushed people away.

I never felt understood and I lived in a bubble. I did what I wanted, I said what I wanted without regard for the consequences and many people were turned off by me.

But I barely even recognized that I was different because I was oblivious. I got off on the fascination without understanding why there was a fascination. It was clear that I was different but I didn’t know why until much later.


“own your imperfections, they become assets”

Why #flyingfeathers?

Because feathers are talismanic. They inspire freedom of flight. They represent lightness and joy.


They are beautiful and they give you wings you never knew you had.

“everyone lives in fear of peoples reactions and opinions, but that doesn’t
mean we have to hide”


My Style

#flyingfeathers Lifestyle:

I want to inspire and motivate people to live the #flyingfeathers lifestyle.
It’s about truly finding and accepting yourself for who you are. It’s about being brave and having the courage to step out into the world and own your identity.


Be who you want to be without hesitation, without fear. Learn to embrace and accept your imperfections and let your inner feathers fly. Do what brings you confidence. Wear what brings you confidence.

Embrace your own wackiness and let that acceptance bring you confidence. Don’t do what others tell you to do just because that’s the norm. Walk your own path. If everyone else is doing it, do the opposite!

How it all started

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